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Times-2 Speed Files Planning, Diagrams & Specifications

We are providing the following Times 2 Speed File specifications so that you can plan you filing system, Next-to-Wall or Panel, Back-to-Back, Room Divider, Through the Wall or Panel, Built-In Alcove, Closed Back Units, and Astragals.   For our free design and estimation service for Times-2 Speed Files accessories, kits, shelfs, dividers and file drawers please complete the Contact Form, or "File Your Request" on the form.

Times-2 Speed Files Products

Times-2 Speed File Next-to-Wall or Panel

Times-2, positioned next to traditional-framed walls or open-office furniture systems, increases both capacity and access to stored information, Capacity will increase from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 200% growth. Faster retrieval times are standard with Times-2. 50% of all documents are immediately available to the operator. The other half a gentle rotation away. To allow for full rotation of Times-2, a rotation space must be designed into each floor plan. The rotation space can be concealed with the addition of a wall closing strip. Rotation space along the top can be canceled with the addition of an extended canopy top.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure

Times-2 Speed File Back-to-Back

Tier-per-tier, Times-2, when placed in a back-to-back configuration, delivers the maximum possible storage capacity in the defined floor space. The secret is the elimination of entire aisle ways, yet access in never compromised. The rotation space between back-to-back units may be planned as either single or double-depth. Appropriately sized wall-closing strips are available for each dimension. Extended canopy tops are also available to conceal the rotation space from above. In shorter heights, custom wood tops are also an attractive option.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure

Times-2 Speed File Room Divider

In addition to filing and storage capacity gains, Times-2 delivers cost reduction and productivity benefits. When used as a room divider Times-2 defines departmental space, eliminates the cost of construction or furniture panels, and still provides increased access to all stored materials. The dual foot pedal option must be specified in this application. The double-depth design of Times-2 means that both sides of the unit are accessible simultaneously when used as a room divider. When closed, access is denied to both sides.

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Times-2 Speed File Through the Wall or Panel

Imagine having access to stored documents in another room without leaving the room you are in. Times-2 Speed Files, when installed through a wall or furniture system, can do just that. With a gentle push, the rotating interior turns and delivers the documents from the other side. Times-2 is the filing system to specify when two offices must share information. When installed through-a-wall, between 10 to 13 inches projects into each room, depending on letter or Legal/EDP/A4-size unites are used. A dual pedal option must be specified when dual access is required.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure

Times-2 Speed File Built-In Alcove

Floor plans are made more productive when high-capacity Time-2 units are positioned or "built-in" alcoves. The Alcove can be constructed of traditional stud/dry wall materials, or, in open-space plans, the alcove can be created with today's soft wall technology. This application allows the architect or engineer the freedom to position Times-2 directly over structural beams or between columns and still allow the designer to integrate high density and productive fast-retrieval storage into any demanding environment. With custom finishes or decorative laminate door options, Time-2 can match any surrounding decor.

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Times-2 Speed File Closed Back Units

Times-2 Speed Files can be specified with closed backs for security purposes when single access is demanded. Closed backs can be covered by fabric panels to integrate the units into any office decor. Existing units can be retrofitted with closed backs as well. Closed backs are priced as a option to starter and add-on units. Closed backs are available in all heights and sizes.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure

Times-2 Speed File Astragals

When sensitive materials require extraordinary security measures, the Times-2 Astragal offers our highest level of protection. In this application, the standard Times-2 post is replaced with an Astragal, or locking post. Hinged, heavy-duty steel straps swing over the space between the TImes-2 door and post to securely lock unit. The user supplies the own lock. Astragals are available for new and existing TImes-2 Speed Files.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure