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Times-2 Speed Files High Density Storage Shelving System

Times-2 Speed Files Filing System

The Times-2 Speed File system can be configured in many ways. See our:

Compared to standard filing systems, Times-2 Speed Files can greatly reduce the amount of square footage required. This space savings can be used for additional workstations, more storage, or whatever fits your particular business or office needs.   With Times-2™, it all adds up. In the same room, 20 four-drawer lateral cabinets give you 3,200 filing inches. With Times two files, ten 7-tier units give you 3,360 filing inches in half the space. You gain an additional 190 square feet and more storage with times 2!

Expand your times two options to meet even more needs. Times-2 accessories include:

Cyberlock Feature

The Times-2 files also feature Cyberlock, a state-of-the-art data-capture lock that lets you track and record system access, 24 hours a day. Times-2 Cyberlock is ideal for environments such as law enforcement, legal, health care, rare artifact storage, and more.   Times-2 Speed Files are completely customizable to fit your space — your way. Whatever your business, whatever your need, there’s a versatile accessory available. When you demand maximum work space efficiency, check out the options Times-2 offers to create a tailor-made solution for you.

Times-2 Speed Files Brochure

Times-2 Speed Files High Density Storage Shelving System Products

2-Tier Times-2 Cabinets Install 2-Tier Times Two units under low windows to take advantage of normally wasted space.  

2-Tier Times-2 Cabinets Brochure