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Static/Fixed Shelving Systems

Our Static/Fixed shelving solutions can be used to store files, binders, computer equipment, retail goods, X-Rays or product samples. Our flexible reconfigurable shelving can store more and save valuable floor space. We offer Kardex snap-lock cantilever shelving, four-post shelving / L&T shelving, heavy-duty X-Ray shelving units, and Datum high capacity thinstak open shelf filing.   For our free design and estimation for service for fixed shelving systems please complete the Contact Form, or "File Your Request" on the form.

Static/Fixed Shelving Systems Products

Kardex Snap-lock Cantilever Shelving

Kardex Snap-lock Cantilever Shelving from Kardex is designed for letter and legal size file storage. Snap-Lock's cantilever design makes files more visible and easier to access than other types of fixed shelving. Shelves and dividers are adjustable.


Four-Post Shelving / L&T Shelving

Four-Post Shelving is easily accessible and designed for light or heavy storage applications. Choose from several widths, depths and heights to create the ideal storage system for library, legal, medical or other applications.


Heavy-Duty X-Ray Shelving Units

The high cost of space in today’s healthcare facilities puts a premium on efficient storage. The storing of X-Ray folders requires shelving that is strong and durable, as well as easily accessible. Heavy-Duty X-Ray shelving units are specifically engineered to combine strength and accessibility with compact design, for efficient use of available space.


Datum High Capacity ThinStak Open Shelf Filing

Datum high capacity ThinStak® open shelf filing is a space efficient filing solution. Individual tiers are stacked on top of each other to create custom, modular “grow-as-you-go” filing systems. Datum offers more sizes than any other manufacturer. Choose from 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” wide shelves. Mix and match sizes to maximize filing capacity. ThinStak® shelving also has the flexibility to store a variety of media including; letter, legal, X-Ray, Mammogram, Medifile®, Binder, Book and CD-sized media.