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Open Filing High Density Storage Shelving Systems

We offer many open filing systems to choose from. Some of our open filing solutions are Aurora Open File Shelving, 4-Post Open File Shelving, Trak_Slide Open File Shelving, and Vu-Stack Open File Shelving. Let our design staff offer you a no cost site survey to determine the appropriate open filing system for you.   For our free design and estimation for service for Open Filing High Density Storage Shelving Systems please complete the Contact Form, or "File Your Request" on the form.

Open Filing High Density Storage Shelving Systems Products

Aurora Open Filing Shelving System

A variety of shelving depths and widths are available to meet every need, whether it is letter, legal or x-ray size. Other configurations may be used for books, binders and bulk storage.

Aurora Open Filing Brochure

Datum 4-Post Open Filing Shelving System

Datum 4Post™ Shelving offers exceptional strength and durability for a variety of storage applications. 4Post™ Shelving incorporates both “L” & “T” shaped uprights allowing for a variety of shelving configurations. Interlocking key-hole uprights combined with double rivet shelf supports are designed to offer maximum strength and durability with exceptional versatility. Single and double entry units are available allowing for maximum filing/storage capacity with minimal floor intrusion. All shelf units are designed for expansion and are available as mobile ready for easy conversion to Datum TrakSlider™ Systems and MobileTrak5®.

Datum 4-Post Brochure

Datum TrakSlider Open File Shelving System

Datum TrakSlider™ Systems can more than double storage capacity by converting stationary files into moveable systems that require just a fraction of the original floor space. Datum’s unique design eliminates fixed aisles between shelves that reduce retrieval time while increasing user efficiency. Thanks to ball bearing construction and four wheels per carriage, just a simple push of the hand effortlessly moves files to the side to access information stored in the rear. Yet, half of the system remains accessible. A variety of configurations offers a wide range of space-saving storage possibilities from three to twenty-five shelving units all housed within one TrakSlider™ System! TrakSlider™ Systems are the most flexible and efficient way to increase filing capacity for any document filing or office-related storage application. Systems are compatible with all lines of Datum Shelving

Datum TrakSlider Brochure

Datum Vu-Stak Open Filing Shelving System

Datum’s Vu-Stak® Filing System provides the solution to your open shelf filing needs allowing for the most efficient use of your valuable floor space. Designed to be used in conjunction with color coded side tab folders, all Vu-Stak® tiers come with fixed welded dividers and a sleek profile, making it an ideal choice for Letter, Legal, and X-Ray file storage. Tiers can be configured up to 6 levels high for X-Ray file jacket storage, and up to 8 levels high for letter and legal document storage. All Vu-Stak® tiers are easy to assemble and can be expanded or reconfigured at any time.

Datum Vu-Stak Brochure