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High Density Filing & Storage Shelving Systems

High density filing systems use less floor space while achieving easier access. We offer a variety of High Density Filing Systems such as Times-2 Speed Files, Rotary Files, Kardex's Lektriever, High Density Systems on rolling carriages for both Mechanical Assist and Electric.   For our free design and estimation for service for high density filing and storage shelving systems please complete the Contact Form, or "File Your Request" on the form.

High Density Filing & Storage Shelving Systems Products

Kardex's Lektriever

Kardex's Lektriever filing systems from Kardex can triple filing productivity by eliminating the need to walk, bend, lift or stretch. Files are stored on moveable carriers which rotate ferris-wheel style on electronic command, delivering needed media to the operator's finger tips within seconds. Lektriver IMMS software can provide a complete audit trail of file and operator activity. Kardex's Lektriever is ADA Compliant

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High Density Filing Systems on Rolling Carriages for Both Mechanical Assist & Electric

Dramatically increase your storage capacity or store the same amount in much less space by converting to a safe and effective Mechanical Mobile System.   Mounted on movable carriages that glide on track, mobilized shelving turns wasted aisles into productive space. Carriages move effortlessly with our ergonomically designed handle. Simply turn the handle to access files anywhere in the system. Lockable units are available to secure confidential records. ADA and HIPAA compliant.   Mobile Systems create storage solutions that offer maximum performance paired with high-end looks. End and back panels, available in many colors and finishes, blend beautifully with any office dácor.  

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Kompakt Electrical Moveable Shelving

The intelligent choice for high powered storage applications. Plug-and-play operation, selective security, the ultimate in safety.

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2-Tier Times-2 Cabinets

Install 2-Tier Times Two units under low windows to take advantage of normally wasted space.

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