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Stock/Customized Colored Pockets, Dividers, Tabs & File Folders

We represent the leading manufactures of files and folders. You can select stock files and folders or order customized file and pocket folders. The stock/customized files and pocket folders products below is a sampling of the types of files and pocket folders available. Let our design staff help you select or design the appropriate file and folder type for you.   For our free design and estimation for service for Stock/Customized Colored Pockets, Dividers, Tabs & File Folders please complete the Contact Form, or "File Your Request" on the form.

Stock/Customized Colored Pockets, Dividers, Tabs & File Folders Products

Files and Folders Storage Archival Cartons

These Files and Folders Storage Archival Cartons are the same ones in which we ship our file folders. Archival cartons are stocked in letter and legal sizes, 5 per package.


Auto Title Folders For New Federal Uniform Titling System

Across the country, a new uniform national titling system has been adopted. In many states, copies of automobile titles are filed at the courthouse. The filing of these documents is important because it registers the ownership, lien and loan activity on all vehicles. These files are kept in county auto title departments, prohibiting an individual from selling an automobile that is really owned by a bank. Most titles are filed by the county generated title number. The numbers are generally batch-filed in straight sequential order.


Birth Date File Folder

Discover the healthcare industry’s fastest, most hassle-free way to organize files: Jeter’s patented birth date-based filing system! Each set contains 403 pre-coded day folders with 13 folders for each date, 1 through 31, packaged in a carton suitable for archiving old files. Weight: 45 lbs.


Divider Folders

Divider Folder stock features separate filing sections. Divider folders provide an efficient way to maintain medical, insurance, legal and other files with several subdivisions.


Folders with Factory-Installed Pockets

Jeter printed file folders are always crisp and clear. Printing is available on all four faces and end tab of most Jeter folders. Minimum order: 1000 folders.


Expansion Pockets Folder

Underscoring our commitment to quality, Jeter Systems has specially designed equipment to make 3-piece expansion pockets squarely and accurately time after time. Unlike traditional methods, these machines produce consistently accurate alignment of all the parts with one another. You will notice the difference immediately.


Super Coder Folders (151/4"W x 91/2"H)

Jeter legal-size, have all the advantages and features of Super Coder folders. Because of large, heavy document requirements in legal profession, our double ply legal-size folders have extra reinforced end tabs. This heavier folder can take tough abuse.


Super Coder File Folders

Super Coder folders have a full-length end tab designed with a variety of label placement fields. All Super Coders come with our trademarked label alignment marks. These alignment marks are unique and make it easy to place labels in the correct position time after time. Super Coders are also available with double-ply, extra reinforced tabs. A full 1-1⁄2" of manila paper is folded over and glued for added strength and rigidity.


Letter Size Colored Folders

Letter size color folders come in many colors and different fastener locations.


X-ray storage Mammography / Mammogram Jackets

Jeter Systems produces a uniquely sized X-ray storage jacket for mammography film. We also have storage equipment designed for mammogram examination files. For many hospitals, using only one type of X-ray-size storage equipment is a problem. Some hospitals are now using mammogram libraries that house nothing but mammogram files, because of their permanent nature. These libraries enable physicians to supply better information regarding a patient’s health. Jeter's new jacket size and filing equipment saves space over standard shelving. The new mammogram jackets are stock items. These jackets can receive a strip label and integrate into existing systems.

  • Printed in bright blue ink.
  • Jeter color-coding products can be attached at the factory
  • Jackets can be custom manufactured to meet your needs.
  • Outer report pocket optional. In any type of sequential or terminal digit order.
  • Printing of hospital name and address optional.

Manila Folders with Pockets

Manila folders with pockets come in many different fastener locations.


Mini-size File folders

Mini-size folders are an optimum way to contain smaller than letter-size records. They have become standard throughout the optical industry, used by nationally recognized chains. If only a few letter-size documents accumulate within your folders, mini-size file folders could be used to save an enormous amount of space. Just fold the documents in half. Jeter makes a complete line of mini-size filing equipment to complement our mini file folders. They also make a complete line of mini-size color-coding labels.   Mini Super Coder Folders 9 1⁄2"W x 6"H


Pocket File Folders

Jeter makes three standard, letter-size pockets. File pockets are ideal for odd-sized documents. The closed side prevents the loss of small lab slips, photographs and other small media. Special printing is available; legal and other sizes available on a special order basis.


Pressboard, Standard End Tab File Folders

Jeter pressboard folders are made from pearl-gray, genuine pressboard. Because this is the strongest premium stock available, these folders offer the greatest durability. Their folders come with a standard style undercut end tab, with printed alignment marks for accurate label placement. Folders for both letter and legal-size systems, with or without bonded style fasteners, are available for next-day shipment.   9 1⁄2"W x 6"H


Top Tab File Folders

Jeter has designed a line of top tab file folders made of heavy grade, 14-point manila stock. These systems work well in drawer files or in lateral roll-out systems. The top tab file folders are taller for improved visibility. Label alignment marks are preprinted at the factory, so you know exactly where to put the appropriate color-code. Use the top tab folders with our Top Coder® color-coding system. File folders are available from stock with fasteners in common positions Letter-Size 113⁄4"W x 95⁄8"H


Letter-Size and Legal-Size W-Fold Folders

These folders come in many different fastener locations.


Printed X-Ray Inserts with Color Border

AMESTM printed X-Ray Inserts with Color Binder

  • Color and Size compatible with:
  • Ames color-coded systems,
  • American Mailwell color-coded systems, and
  • Other printed X-Ray Inserts with Color Binder.
  • All Standard anatomical categories with illustrations where applicable.
  • Printed on 28# white Kraft in two sizes:
  • 14- 1/2" high x 17- 1/2" wide or
  • 10- 1/2" high x 12- 1/2" wide.
  • Choose open top or open end with thumb-cut for easy access.

X-ray Film Jackets and Folders

Jeter manufactures a full line of X-ray film jackets made from 11-point and 14-point manila. These X-ray film jackets are machine-folded and glued, and they can be custom-printed on both the front and back covers with a hospital name or other information. You will find the printing to be superior to what you see from most file folder manufacturers.   Jeter also provides X-ray film jackets with report pockets, manufactured under the H. L. Hurt patent. They are one of the few licensed users of this important technology (U.S. patent No. 4221161 & 4192447).   Jeter's X-ray film jackets can receive special strip label color-coding as well. They manufacture color-coding that matches most major brands, so they can duplicate color-coding systems supplied by others. For special requirements, please contact us. Your hospital name can be imprinted on our standard jackets for greater savings.